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Beyond Barriers

Stop feeling stuck and start understanding the limitless potential you possess.


Leveling up in life isn’t easy. Despite working harder, constantly striving, always doing more, it can seem like you’re trapped by fear and uncertainty, unable to make progress towards your dreams. But, no matter how lost you feel, no matter how painful failure may be, breaking barriers isn’t beyond your reach. Anyone can unlock incredible potential within themselves. And Nikki Barua can show you how.

After overcoming her own heartbreaking challenges, Nikki found her purpose and passion in helping others turn their dreams into reality. In Beyond Barriers, she presents a simple, practical, and actionable guide to fully embracing your capacity to grow, evolve, and excel. In three simple steps—finding clarity, harnessing courage, and sustaining conviction—you’ll learn how to think big, be bold, and take action.

By using this framework to develop goals, strategies, and habits, you’ll stop feeling stuck and start understanding the limitless potential you possess.

Praise for Beyond Barriers

“Nikki embodies bold leadership, tenacity and grit. This book reveals what’s possible when you find your purpose and pursue it with lasting conviction.”

Tracey Doi, Chief Financial Officer & Group VP, Toyota North America

“Nikki’s personal triumphs in the face of adversity and tireless pursuit of happiness reminds us all to strive for a life that’s not lived in black and white – but one that’s lived in full color.”

Beth Brooke-Marciniak, EY Global Vice Chair, Public Policy

“In Beyond Barriers, Nikki encourages readers to level up and enthusiastically take on challenges for bigger and bolder dreams.”

Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of hint®

“Women entrepreneurs must dream bigger and go beyond barriers. Nikki knows that we can all overcome adversity and is an inspiration for her perseverance and resilience. She leads by example, living her purpose, turning obstacles into opportunities, and choosing happiness every day.”

Peggy Wallace, Managing Partner, Golden Seeds

“If you are a female entrepreneur looking for inspiration, Nikki will give you the courage you need to be a bolder you.”

Vicki Saunders, Founder & CEO, Sheeo

“Every now and again, you meet an individual who transforms you. When in their presence, you awaken to a new level of being that makes the impossible possible. Nikki is that spark!”

Kari Warberg Block, Founder & CEO, EarthKind

“In this book, Nikki encourages risk taking, bold decision making and persistence in achieving personal and professional goals.  A must read for anyone looking to make their dreams a reality.”

Rachel Michelin, CEO, California Women Lead

“In Beyond Barriers, Nikki teaches readers the all-too-important yet hard-to-recognize-in-the-moment lesson that when one door closes, another door opens.  Her story of resilience and actionable takeaways make this a productive, inspiring read for anyone looking to level-up in life–and aren’t we all?”

Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Co-founder & CEO, Her Campus Media


Nikki Barua is a change agent with a big mission to unlock people’s potential through ideas, inspiration, and tools for transformation. She is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and advisor who helps business leaders gain clarity of purpose and certainty of outcomes as they lead their organizations through change. She is the CEO of BeyondCurious, an award-winning digital transformation consultancy that partners with large companies to unlock innovation and growth. Barua has been recognized as a top female entrepreneur and has been featured in national media including Fortune and Forbes.