When we launched BeyondCurious in 2012, we had no clients, no case studies, and no real capital. But we were determined to realize our mission of empowering people and unlocking their potential. We wanted to be a catalyst that ignites the hearts and minds of people and makes them fearless in the pursuit of their dreams.

Four years later, that is exactly what BeyondCurious has become. Our unique approach “The BeyondCurious Way” is a set of shared beliefs, norms and values that have shaped us as an organization and continue to define us. Here’s an inside view into our world:


Success begins with a dream. If you can’t imagine it, there’s no way to get there. Our journey began with a dream – to build an organization that unlocks people’s potential. As time passed, that dream took shape and with it our faith, trust and confidence too. We encourage each other to listen to our inner voice and write down our dreams in every aspect of our life. We share our dreams and support each other in getting there. But above all, we don’t let our fears get in the way. We give ourselves permission to dream…and dream big.


As Simon Sinek so aptly proposes: Start with “Why.” Your mission is your reason for being and it matters more than what you do and how you do it. At BeyondCurious, our mission is to unlock the limitless potential of people and organizations. Everything we do is aligned to this mission – people we hire, clients we choose, projects we undertake, decisions we make. We measure our success against that singular objective and we don’t compromise on our mission even in challenging times. Our North Star guides our decisions and choices each day.


Achieving big dreams requires meticulous planning and execution. In order to grow and scale, you have to be proactive and not reactive to new opportunities. You have to invest ahead of time. We’ve made it a practice to envision our future state and define action plans for today. Our operating model is a testament to this belief. We are built for scale but designed for flexibility today. Acting in the future keeps us connected to our vision, ensures that our actions are aligned and we can scale effectively.


Growth doesn’t occur by simply setting higher and higher goals each year. You have to define a benchmark of performance and expectations that everyone must meet. By raising the bar for the same job, and hiring even more qualified people for the same position, we redefine the new normal. Job promotions are highly valued because they recognize exponential growth. We set expectations across all our key indicators – client success, time to market, performance metrics, and NPS and don’t accept anything under that benchmark. Defining our new normal ensures that our organization is poised for logarithmic shifts, not just linear growth.


It is common to associate the entrepreneurial spirit in a start-up environment, but what is unique about our culture is how we embody it in every aspect of our business. Adopting a business owner mindset allows each person to feel a sense of purpose and ownership for the success of our business. It helps them understand the mechanics and economics of operating a thriving business. It offers tremendous autonomy that fuels learning and growth. It helps them become leaders regardless of role or seniority. This entrepreneurial mindset also creates a value-focused culture where every minute matters. It takes hustle and grit to thrive in this type of environment but results in unparalleled professional and personal growth.


Being candid is the essence of straight talk. However, such candor does not always come naturally in the workplace. Sometimes, we need a tool to help us feel comfortable with direct and open communication in a 1:1 or group setting. Straight talk is our tool for making it happen. The added benefit of straight talk is the positive impact it has on the team and culture. It creates an environment of empowerment and personal growth. Straight talk is not a euphemism for providing occasional performance feedback; it’s a simple but powerful way of thinking that encompasses candid communication across the organization at all times, making our organization more efficient and effective.


What got us here will not take us to where we want be. But first we have to let go of our attachment to what we know, to make room for the new. It’s not enough to learn new skills and techniques – our mindset must evolve as well. We hold on to our assumptions because they make us feel safe. These assumptions about people, circumstances and possibilities become our security blanket. They also hold us back from taking risks and unlocking our full potential. For growth to occur, for new ideas to emerge and for innovation to happen, you have to shed your skin.


Our highly entrepreneurial culture is built on the foundation of our core values: Hunger, Heart and Humor. Hunger is what drives us. Our hunger to create massive impact pushes us to challenge the status quo, to innovate, to learn, and to grow. Hunger means living outside our comfort zone, constantly striving to go beyond our best. Heart is what connects us. Our passion and sense of purpose fuels us to make things that matter. We care deeply about how our work affects people’s lives. Our profound sense of responsibility connects us to our clients, to each other and to our work. Humor is what propels us. The path to innovation is often filled with failure. In this environment, a great attitude is essential to thrive. Our optimism and persistence in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges is what propels us forward.

The BeyondCurious Way has been our guiding light and catapulted us forward. We are grateful to our clients, team members and partners for bringing our dream to life. You give us wings!