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Leveling up in life isn’t easy. Stop feeling stuck and start understanding the limitless potential you possess.

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Nikki Barua is a change agent with a big mission to unlock people’s potential through ideas, inspiration, and tools for transformation. She is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and advisor who helps business leaders gain clarity of purpose and certainty of outcomes as they lead their organizations through change. She is the CEO of BeyondCurious, an award-winning digital transformation consultancy that partners with large companies to unlock innovation and growth. She has been recognized as a top female entrepreneur and has been featured in national media including Fortune and Forbes.
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women2.0 | Book Excerpt and Review

“Barua, who shared with us part of her journey a few months ago, used a time when she felt she’d hit rock bottom as a turning point. Her experience of getting back up and rediscovering her strengths made her realize that one of her greatest gifts was seeing the gift in other people, being that catalyst and a change agent that helps to bring out the best in other people.”


April 26, 2018 | Anaheim, CA
Women Leading in Business
Speakers include:

Gillian Wright, Vice President, Customer Services; SoCalGas

Kirti Mutatkar; CEO; UnitedAg

Nikki Barua; CEO; Beyond Curious

Fran Inman; Senior Vice President, Majestic Realty

Melinda Yee Franklin; Managing Director, Corp & Gov’t Affairs, Western Region, United Airlines

Moderator: Sunne Wright McPeak; CEO, Emerging Technologies Fund