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I am a serial entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, bestselling author and leading expert in helping people and organizations adapt to change. I am on a mission to unleash female leaders and accelerate their success.

I am the Founder & CEO of Beyond Barriers, a global leadership platform, that helps women gain momentum with adaptive strategies, digital-age skills, access to resources, and peer accountability cohorts. I am also the founder of BeyondCurious, an award-winning digital innovation agency that partners with large companies to unlock innovation with agile processes, design thinking and diverse cultures.
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DEI initiatives hurt by budget cuts, hostile politics

Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives face multiple attacks from layoffs, budget cuts and political opposition that question the value of these programs.

Multiple states, including Florida, Texas, Missouri and Iowa, are seeing efforts to stop public funding of DEI initiatives for colleges. Meanwhile, in the private sector, layoffs and restructurings are testing businesses’ resolve to continue with their DEI programs.

In this article, Nikki Barua shares her perspective on the impacts of corporate cutbacks on DEI initiatives.


Tech & Human: Blending for an Effective Learning Environment

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How to leverage on technology as an enabler of lifelong learning