You’ve created impact and delivered results. You expect to be recognized and rewarded for working hard and doing a good job. So you wait for that promotion and raise. But nothing happens.

When was the last time you asked for what you want and deserve?

If you undervalue yourself or don’t feel confident about asking, then chances are that you are not getting what you deserve. You have to know and believe what you are worth, and then go ask for it.

Several studies highlight that women don’t ask OR don’t get what they ask for. While systemic bias has caused pay discrepancies, the system cannot be fixed if women don’t ask. Keep asking because every time you do, you create the opportunity to address this issue.

Whether it’s asking for an opportunity, or negotiating compensation, or taking bigger risks, learn how to develop courage and move forward with confidence.

Here are 5 essential elements to fuel courage:

Overcome fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back

Fear comes from our belief that something painful is likely to occur. On the other hand, courageous acts stem from our belief that something positive is likely to occur. Both fear and faith emerge from our beliefs, but fear produces despair, while faith gives us hope. To move forward with confidence, you need empowering beliefs about your value, so that you have more faith than fear.

Assess risks and make decisions with confidence and certainty

You may be avoiding risks simply because you may not know how to assess your risks objectively. Consider the upside and downside of decisions, then evaluate whether you can live with the worst case scenario. When you trust your ability to make sound decisions, you feel more confident about taking risks because you know you’ll get the right outcomes.

Adopt powerful identities to achieve your goals

You may find it challenging to stay the course when self-doubt takes over. Willpower alone isn’t enough to overcome imposter syndrome. You need tools and techniques that give you the confidence to move towards your goals. Adopt a powerful identity that embodies the attributes you need to achieve your goal. By taking on a heroic persona, you are stepping into who you need to be to get what you want.

Communicate and show up with gravitas and confidence

Confidence is like a muscle. In the same way that muscles get stronger with exercise, your confidence grows when you push yourself and take action. You cannot get stronger if you don’t even try. Make it a habit to express yourself with powerful communication and body language. Ask for feedback from friends and colleagues so you are aware of what minimizes or magnifies your gravitas.

Own your achievements and promote the impact you have created

Bring visibility to your achievements instead of being dismissive about your impact. You won’t get opportunities if you are unable to express why you deserve them in the first place. Your personal brand is built when you can demonstrate what makes you valuable, how you’ve created impact – and be known for it. And remember, you can be of service to more people, if you let them know exactly how you can help them!

Whether you are just getting started or hungry to get ahead, simply working hard is no longer enough to advance your career. You must have clarity, develop unstoppable confidence, adapt quickly to change, master success habits, and build a powerful professional network.

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