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women2.0 | Book Excerpt and Review

"Barua, who shared with us part of her journey a few months ago, used a time when she felt she’d hit rock bottom as a turning point. Her experience of getting back up and rediscovering her strengths made her realize that one of her greatest gifts was seeing the gift in other people, being that catalyst and a change agent that helps to bring out the best in other people."


Author Hour | Beyond Barriers with Nikki Barua

"Instead of seeing every barrier as something that holds us back, we just have to recognize that it’s actually the pathway to getting to the next level. It’s really the obstacle that is the opportunity because that’s what unlocks that super power within us. If the obstacle weren’t there, we would not know our super power."


How to Retain Loyal Customers and Evolve Your Business

Before anything else can happen; you need to have the right mindset. There are two parts to this. First, retailers have to constantly think like a startup. “Mindset is the biggest barrier to transformation,” says Nikki.


Go Beyond Curiosity to Meet Your Business Goals

“One of the most important lessons of leadership is the humanity of being authentic and vulnerable and really being grateful for the opportunity to lead and to bring out the best in all of the other people.”

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