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DEI initiatives hurt by budget cuts, hostile politics

Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives face multiple attacks from layoffs, budget cuts and political opposition that question the value of these programs. In this article, Nikki Barua shares her perspective on the impacts of corporate cutbacks on DEI initiatives.


#PrideMonth: Indian-origin entrepreneur Nikki Barua shares her heartwarming story of acceptance, says visibility matters

June is celebrated each year as Pride Month across the world. Each year, it is marked by stories of acceptance and inclusion especially anecdotes shared by several prominent personalities. Indian-origin entrepreneur, Nikki Barua took to LinkedIn to share a significant moment from her life. The entrepreneur wrote a lengthy post reflecting on her life journey, especially stepping out into the light after hiding in the shadows for a long time.


Mentoring Through Challenging Times: Top 10 lessons for 2022

If ever there was a year that tested us it was 2021 as COVID not only continued but flared. Supply chain woes and inflation combined to test us more and climate change created natural disasters that made many lives much more difficult. But Nikki Barua sees some positive takeaways and coping mechanisms that can take us through 2022 and beyond. Read on to learn why disruption doesn’t have to be dystopian by Nikki Barua, Co-founder and CEO, Beyond Barriers, New York City


Live Your Best Life with Liz Brunner – Nikki Barua

Nikki joins host Liz Brunner and shares her story of leaving her childhood home in India to pursue the American dream. She bought a one-way ticket to the United States and thus began a journey of not only self-discovery but ultimately also launched a mission to unleash female leaders and accelerate their success.


How do you start to mentor in a pandemic environment? asked business leaders and entrepreneurs to share their thoughts on the challenges women are facing as well as the opportunities for mentoring in these times. Nikki Barua, along with others, offers guidance to executives who are looking to start a mentoring relationship in these challenging times.


Milken Institute Global Conference 2020

Nikki Barua participates in this panel which highlights three companies that are strategically focused on equity in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as entrepreneurs who have engaged with these companies and implemented their visions to make an impact in their communities and beyond.


In Her Own Words: Nikki Barua learned the power of the pause

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, many women find themselves under increasing stress. Nikki Barua, founder and CEO of Beyond Barriers, a professional development membership program for women, shares how the virus has impacted her life the most and how her experience can help other people during this time.


LPAC – Announces Two New Board Members

LPAC joyfully welcomes two new board members to our ranks: Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza, Senior Strategist at The Justice Collaborative, and Nikki Barua, founder and CEO of Beyond Barriers.


The Ordinary Podcast – This Is Nikki Barua

“My story of turning barriers into breakthroughs has been featured in national media including Fortune and Forbes. My successes have given me a global platform of influence as a fierce advocate for diversity.”

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