When it comes to professional networking, we all know that LinkedIn is the place to be. But do you feel lost when it comes to presenting yourself or your business? Are you missing out on opportunities because you just don’t know what to post or how to network online? On today’s episode, Jennifer Corcoran shares how professionals and entrepreneurs can stand out and become super connectors on LinkedIn.

Jennifer is an award-winning social media influencer and the founder of My Super Connector – a LinkedIn Training & Consultancy firm. As someone who has worked through shyness and introversion, Jennifer knows first-hand that confidence and networking skills can be learned and honed. Jennifer uses her experience to help others overcome confidence gaps and achieve sustained visibility and success online.

In this episode, Jennifer gives expert tips on the best way to network on LinkedIn. She proves that you don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to get noticed. She shares do’s and don’ts so you can stand out professionally. You’ll learn how to set up your professional profile, highlight your unique competency, and get noticed by your target audience.