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A digital innovation entrepreneur sets goals that scare her

"When opportunities began to cross my path, some didn't align with my vision for BeyondCurious. The companies were too small, or they requested services I simply couldn't provide. It took a lot of guts to say "no," because I knew those jobs would have paid the bills. But they would have distracted me from building the type of business I want to work at every day. It was like being homeless and hungry, while standing in front of a feast and not being able to eat."


National Association of Women Business Owners, Los Angeles Chapter (NAWBO-LA) Partners With the Los Angeles Sparks

"Nikki's company BeyondCurious, Inc. is actively engaged in the sports industry and helping transform the fan experience. Her purpose and mission to unlock the limitless potential of people and organizations is what drives her to create impact each and every day. As a woman leader, she defies the stereotypes of what it means to balance femininity with boldness, authenticity with vulnerability, intelligence with hear."


TXTgirl POWERTALK Featuring Nikki Barua

TXTgirl is a positive destination to motivate, inspire, encourage, teach, learn and connect with other girls who want to live their best life while enhancing themselves and others. POWERTALK is a series of interviews with inspiring girls ages 30 or older where they share their career journeys and the important lessons they've learned along the way. Here, Nikki shares her journey to becoming a CEO + Co-Founder of BeyondCurious.


Discover Your Purpose ~ Find Your Passion!

Discover Your Purpose. Find Your Passion. Nikki will share some of her knowledge and insights on living a purpose driven business and a passion driven life. We’ll talk about how one goes about discovering their purpose and what that really means. We’ll discuss why momentum matters and what it really means to retain control of your company’s destiny as well as your own.


4 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Are Scaling Their Businesses

“Our biggest differentiator is our philosophy of ‘innovation at speed’,” said Barua. “Our approach employs Silicon Valley techniques for rapid results – a departure from traditional creative agency methodologies. Our people, methods, culture, and pricing model are all designed for innovation at speed."


WBENC President’s Report January 2016

"It was this entirely different context, where I realized I was not American, not white, not male, and not straight," says Barua. "That experience made me incredibly resourceful and resilient; it was a catalytic experience."

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