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I had the pleasure of interviewing Nikki Barua, a leading woman entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of BeyondCurious — an award winning digital transformation consultancy that helps companies like Toyota, Sonos and Miami Heat unlock growth and innovation.


women2.0 – Book Excerpt and Review

"Barua, who shared with us part of her journey a few months ago, used a time when she felt she’d hit rock bottom as a turning point. Her experience of getting back up and rediscovering her strengths made her realize that one of her greatest gifts was seeing the gift in other people, being that catalyst and a change agent that helps to bring out the best in other people."


Author Hour – Beyond Barriers with Nikki Barua

"Instead of seeing every barrier as something that holds us back, we just have to recognize that it’s actually the pathway to getting to the next level. It’s really the obstacle that is the opportunity because that’s what unlocks that super power within us. If the obstacle weren’t there, we would not know our super power."


A digital innovation entrepreneur sets goals that scare her

"When opportunities began to cross my path, some didn't align with my vision for BeyondCurious. The companies were too small, or they requested services I simply couldn't provide. It took a lot of guts to say "no," because I knew those jobs would have paid the bills. But they would have distracted me from building the type of business I want to work at every day. It was like being homeless and hungry, while standing in front of a feast and not being able to eat."


National Association of Women Business Owners, Los Angeles Chapter (NAWBO-LA) Partners With the Los Angeles Sparks

"Nikki's company BeyondCurious, Inc. is actively engaged in the sports industry and helping transform the fan experience. Her purpose and mission to unlock the limitless potential of people and organizations is what drives her to create impact each and every day. As a woman leader, she defies the stereotypes of what it means to balance femininity with boldness, authenticity with vulnerability, intelligence with hear."

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